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Sunset in Yellowknife Overlooking Frame Lake & Yellowknife's skyline
A houseboat and the Snow King ice castle in the background
I just really love this houseboat
As Canadian as it gets if you ask me Ice castle building blocks


Great Slave Lake, NT

Fuck the climate, I’m going back to curly. I miss my curls!! And also you guys! <3

Week Two


It’s a bit weird packing and unpacking on a weekly basis. I think once I get used to it, it’ll be easier, but for now it is a bit tricky since I can’t automatically think of all the things I might want or need at work. I can only describe it as weird – imagine if you forgot something at home, but…

Week One



I’m on a different planet.


This week has been such a blur. So full of things. It’s nearly impossible to describe

When I arrived in Yellowknife last Sunday night, my luggage was delayed by several hours. I landed at 1pm, and didn’t get back to the house with my luggage until 12:30am….

imarawrr asked:

Okay, not necessarily a question just a little thing. I randomly stumbled across your blog and I have to say it's amazing! My hair type is very similar to yours and around where I live not many people have this hair type so most hair dresses just look at me and shake their heads (I've had a few bad experiences with hair dresses because of this). So I honestly think your blog is one of the coolest things and pretty helpful!

Oh my gosh, thanks so much! That’s why I have this blog, to not feel so alone. I’m really glad it’s helpful to you! I used to avoid hairdressers at all costs - generally they are terrible even if they say they know what they’re doing. It’s such a nightmare. I have cried in so many salons; probably 90% of all hair salons I’ve ever been in. I just feel like such a circus freak. They call their co-workers and their managers and they stare and talk about my hair as if it isn’t attached to a human. So awful. 

Try looking on Devacut’s website to see if there is a trained stylist near you. I didn’t think there’d be one near me, but there’s three!!!! And one was a block away from my house! Seriously! 

<3 We curlies need to stick together.

Frozen hair - the first picture of many to come, I&#8217;m sure. 
If you&#8217;re curious about my adventuring, check out my new blog.

Frozen hair - the first picture of many to come, I’m sure. 

If you’re curious about my adventuring, check out my new blog.

Oh my gosh! 


Where do I even begin? 

So, last week, I straightened my hair (in-progress straightening picture above) because I’m working in the arctic from now until August. I’ve been here a week. It’s insane. But that’s for a different blog

I couldn’t have predicted what is going on with my hair up here. Okay, two prevalent things: 

1. It’s insanely straight. Like, I’m a “normal” girl. I literally have to do absolutely nothing to it. You know how if you brush out the loose curls if they get a little matty then your hair gets kinda puffy (assuming you have hair similar to mine)? Okay, well, up here, I brushed it out because it was matted from me playing with it and generally just living my life for a week straight, and the bottom right picture was the result. Veronica Lake style silkiness. This accidental glory can only be attributed to the extremely dry climate. I am talking desert dry. Nosebleedingly dry. Painful-to-blink dry.
People think I’m doing it on purpose. As in, waking up and getting out hair tools and making it do this. I am not!! I straightened it at home before I left, and posted those selfies of the super fresh silly looking loose curls - the overly fancy ones? And then I have just been staying alive up here! No hair upkeep at all except I brushed it and also I put in a little coconut oil - which brings us to the next thing:

2. It’s so dry that probably about 60% of my ends are split. And I mean, SPLIT. I have found several that are split up to four inches up the strand. It is not okay. I am worried that I’m going to lose a lot of length during my stay up here because of all the breakage. I can only suppose that the dry climate is just sending my ends past the breaking point, literally. I haven’t allowed my hair to be exposed to the air at all except once, by accident, for 10 minutes. And it got frosty!! Photo to come. Anyways, I guess I need to coat the ends with some sort of protectant, so I found some Palmer’s coconut oil protectant (or at least, that’s how I’m using it), and I have been very lightly coating the ends of my hair with it. It’s not in my hair in the pictures above, though. All that’s in it there is a little hairspray from when I initially straightened it and AG Firewall. Heat protectant is something I didn’t use before, but after speaking to my new Devacurl stylist back home I decided maybe they actually work after all, and since I’m going to be keeping my hair straight for the next several months, I better try it. I already owned the Firewall, so yeah. 

So, in short, hair pros and cons of being in the arctic:

Incredibly straight, unbelievably low-maintenance hair - pro

Very, very, very bad breakage and split ends-con

The straight-hair headache settled in on Thursday evening, but I have managed to keep it at a manageable pain level with a combination of seriously strong doses of Advil and head massages every couple of hours. I’ll have to start consciously focusing on keeping the headache at bay soon, the older my straight hair gets, the more debilitating the headache can be. 

Hair photos are going to get pretty boring, real fast… Actually I’m amazed that they aren’t already and that I even have any followers at all (ps I love you guys), but anyways, I’ll try to be creative. Frozen hair is pretty cool, I’ll post those for sure. Oh also, I’m going to try dry shampoo tonight so I’ll report back on that next weekend. 


Oh my gosh! 

I’m in the arctic! 

What the shit am I doing here, right? 

Okay so since the internet here is like… dial-up terrible, I’m going to try to do one good post per week, and I’ll post on Sundays. Pretty sure it’s going to be generally documenting my mission of being as lazy as possible with my hair while still keeping it healthy ie keeping it straight and never washing it ever. 

Post to come tomorrow! 

Also, I’m going to keep a blog of my arcticness in general and that’ll also be a weekend-post deal. There are no posts yet, but if you would like to follow, it’s


My hair is ready for the arctic! 

I chose to do big loose curls because they stay soooooo long with virtually zero maintenance. Straight hair seems to just get fuzzy and triangular on me and needs a lot of flat ironing. These curls will stay like this til next weekend with only the touching up of a few squished curls. It’s like magic. 

It looks pretty …. fancy right now, because the curl things are fresh and intact. But by Monday it’ll look a lot more normal and casual.